A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Find all the Keys in this compact puzzle-game to find something beautiful at the end. The more keys you collect, the more dimensions you unlock. Your 5 connected selfs have to work together to find a path to the goal.

Made in non-consecutive 48 hours for the Miz Jam 1.

Code: Github

P.S. On some browsers the shaders are not displaying correctly... that's why I had to disable the web-version.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tags3D, Retro, Short


WindowsBuild_Gooby.zip 27 MB
Gooby_MacBuild.zip 27 MB


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Really cool little game! Reminds me of my favorite puzzle from The Witness. Would like a version with an extra cube or two.

The motion blur though... please at least add an option to disable it. The motion blur acts as if the cube is moving relative to the camera, rather than rotating, and its really excessive. I have a 144hz monitor and it doesn't seem to scale back based on framerate.


Yeah, I realized that it had excessive motion blur on a friends machine... maybe it also doesn't adapt to the resolution. Sorry for the headache :(


Really cool, you should propably add some more levels sometime.